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Sviluppatore PRAK Infotech

Kameti Application.Kameti enables planning and fulfilling individual’s monetary need via social financing and getting away from problems in dealing with Banking/Financial institutions. In simple words a group of people get together and each one of them put in a fixed amount and total amount is given to the person based on bidding process. Each member get his turn to pick up the total amount.
There are multiple Benefits of Kameti : 1. Tax Free Dividend 2. Easy Accessibility 3. User-friendly service 4. Absence of latent cost 5. No Periodic interest hikes
Online kameti system provide the following feature:* Member can bid online from any part of the world (No more physical presence required)* Admin can bid on behalf of his/her kameti member if they have given proper bidding access* Kameti admin can create a new kamti and send invitation to join new kameti via SMS and Notification* Auction Preservative: See the details of upcoming auctions * Auction Alarm: You can set the custom alarm for your next auction.* Easy to maintain payments* Send SMS/Notification if auction date is changed* Total transparent system.